Pancake and Booze Art Show, Phoenix, AZ

Paint and Patron Art Show 



Pancake and Booze Art Show, Phoenix, AZ

"Matyrs Messenger" on display at Arizona Opera

Firehouse Gallery "Dia de Los Muertos"

Shemer Art Center "Layers: Collage and Assembly"

Light Space & Time Online Gallery "Abstracts"

Trygve Lie Gallery

Twitter Org Art Charity for Foster Pride

Heard Museum 18th Annual Exhibition

Game on Expo 2017

 Phoenix Comicon 2017

Phx Comicon 2018

May 25 -28 @ Phx Convention Center

Amazing Comicon

Las Vegas Convention Center

June 29 - July 1

Game On Expo 2018

Aug 10 thru 12

Phoenix Convention Center


will be @

Phoenix FanFusion 2019

May 23 - 26

Phx Convention Center 3rd Floor

Game on Expo 2019

Phoenix Convention Center

August 9 to 11


Burning Witch Studio

@ Phoenix Fan Fusion 2020

May 21st to 24th

Phoenix Arizona

Game On Expo 2020 

August 7th to 9th

@Mad Monster 2020

Arizona, June 19th to 21st